Dirt destroyer - advice

Hi all, does anyone know if the workouts from dirt destroyer can be accessed without signing up to the whole program? I’m keen to try some of the low cadence workouts.

What do you mean by ‘accessed’?

No, they aren’t available outside the training plan.

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I mean where can I find them?
For example all the workouts from the FTP builder can be found in the workout section, but dirt destroyer is not included in this list.
Are they only available if you subscribe to the whole ‘dirt destroyer’ program?

Bummer, ok thank Mike.
Any other suggestions for some low cadence workouts?
I’ve just found the ‘Absa Cape Epic’ workouts which sound promising, but painful :grinning:

Any workout can be low cadence if you want it to I guess. You can create your own too rather simply.

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