Workout Limits

I’ve been doing various workouts and find they are really useful, but I think some minor changes could make them much more enjoyable and tailored to individual riders.

Allow for Cadence and Power clipping and bias in the workouts.
Basically have parameters in settings where you can set your min and max cadence of your workouts. I understand some of the workouts are tailored for a specific cadence. Currently I have been working through Dirt Destroyer and have seen cadence ranges of 65 to 100 rpm. As a 95 kg older rider, doing 100 rpm at any wattage isn’t a recovery. And I am unlikely to do this in a real life race or ride. For the specific workout in question it is 100 rpm at 40% ftp, which is basically runaway legs for me.

For any workout, my comfortable min and max cadence may be 65 to 90. If I set these as limit, they would automatically clip the values in the workout to fit my riding style.

The current ability to increase or decrease the workout intensity by 10% is useful. But on some warmup or warm-downs, starting from 65 watts when your FTP is 250 seems pointless. Even an increase of 10% doesn’t get me anywhere near my easy minimum wattage. And navigation to these buttons is awkward during a workout as they are quite small. It would be nice to be able to apply a lower bound limit (bias) to this. If you set your lower wattage to 100 watts, all ramps or recoveries that would normally fall below this value would automatically be clipped to your setting. An upper limit on wattage seems less important as the workouts rarely ask for unreasonable sprint efforts, but maybe some people would find it useful.