Direct To Riding! Automatic login & Ant Pairing

I’d love to be able to launch Zwift and start riding right away. I’m thinking about an auto login feature and the ability to save Ant+ devices in your profile that automatically connect.

Perhaps small icons in the HUD Letting you know that the Ant Connection hasn’t been established yet.

The auto pairing screen is coming.  Auto login is a bit more complicated than in sounds for multiuser households so it’ll be a bit later down the road.

When would this feature be available?

I would be happy, if it remembered my Username and Password. That can’t be that hard to do?

Since I always have the same HR strap and same trainer, and I’m the only user, and I always just pick a random ride (which is probably 90% of all Zwifters): 

Add an option checkbox that says “No Login Required”.

Add an option checkbox that says “Use Previous Ant+ Settings”.

Add an option checkbox that says “Start Ride Automatically”.


Jon Mayfield - I too would like to see auto-login. I hope that it is still coming, and soon (because I’m impatient).




i agree, the cycling part of the app is pretty cool but you’ve work to do on the UI side of things

as if by magic…looks like this has just started (or at least in the last couple of days) happening :smiley:


nice work guys

any news for the autologin?