Direct To Riding! Automatic login & Ant Pairing

(Nick R) #1

I’d love to be able to launch Zwift and start riding right away. I’m thinking about an auto login feature and the ability to save Ant+ devices in your profile that automatically connect.

Perhaps small icons in the HUD Letting you know that the Ant Connection hasn’t been established yet.

(Jon Mayfield) #2

The auto pairing screen is coming.  Auto login is a bit more complicated than in sounds for multiuser households so it’ll be a bit later down the road.

(Mike Shonan) #3

When would this feature be available?

(M C 900 Watt Jesus) #4

I would be happy, if it remembered my Username and Password. That can’t be that hard to do?

(Rich Rivet) #5

Since I always have the same HR strap and same trainer, and I’m the only user, and I always just pick a random ride (which is probably 90% of all Zwifters): 

Add an option checkbox that says “No Login Required”.

Add an option checkbox that says “Use Previous Ant+ Settings”.

Add an option checkbox that says “Start Ride Automatically”.


(Dave Gilson (OHIO)) #6

Jon Mayfield - I too would like to see auto-login. I hope that it is still coming, and soon (because I’m impatient).



(Chris Watson STW (C)) #7


i agree, the cycling part of the app is pretty cool but you’ve work to do on the UI side of things

(Chris Watson STW (C)) #8

as if by magic…looks like this has just started (or at least in the last couple of days) happening :smiley:


nice work guys

(Jesus Bigjuergo) #9

any news for the autologin?