No need to login. Thanks

(Gerrie Delport) #1

Good morning.

I love the new login screen, no need to log in every time I want to ride.


Thanks Guys!

(Kermit deFrog ( PAC )) #2

Agree, I was hoping for this to come, well done!

(Mark Hewitt) #3

But it’s still a bit rubbish. You still need to double click the Zwift app, then wait for the login screen, then click login, then wait for the game to load. A two stage process.


When it should just be double click the Zwift icon, then the game loads.

(Kermit deFrog ( PAC )) #4

To call this rubbish is rather over the top.

Yes you will need to double click to start, pretty much like any application not in the pre-set bar.

Then you have to click a button, how much of a big deal is this?

For any training activity you will need to press a button, anything within the app will need a button, they even gave a remote control option (mobile) which I can’t use as I am on iPhone 4 still and have no intention to buy a new phone.

Do you expect them to do the pedalling as well, just to make it easier?

It was a nuisance having to put your UN/PW in but this is now much easier, be happy.

(Mark Hewitt) #5

Pedalling is what it’s all about, anything else is a distraction from that and should be eliminated.

And it’s not the pushing of the button that the issue, it’s:

Double click <----- wait -----> click <------ wait------> Pairing screen.

Whereas it should be:

Double click < ---------- wait --------- > Pairing screen.


Then I can use that wait to fill my water bottle, get my HR strap on. Instead of having to babysit the login process.


It’s not a massive issue - I grant you - but it’s an unnecessary one.

(Andrew Poznikoff) #6

It is kind of necessary, just think of a use case scenario where you have multiple people sharing one computer. The login screen allows them to choose the correct user profile before being launched into the game.

(Alfonso DeLuca) #7

Yeah, thanks for the easier log in guys! Keep up the good work.