No need to login. Thanks

Good morning.

I love the new login screen, no need to log in every time I want to ride.


Thanks Guys!

Agree, I was hoping for this to come, well done!

But it’s still a bit rubbish. You still need to double click the Zwift app, then wait for the login screen, then click login, then wait for the game to load. A two stage process.


When it should just be double click the Zwift icon, then the game loads.

To call this rubbish is rather over the top.

Yes you will need to double click to start, pretty much like any application not in the pre-set bar.

Then you have to click a button, how much of a big deal is this?

For any training activity you will need to press a button, anything within the app will need a button, they even gave a remote control option (mobile) which I can’t use as I am on iPhone 4 still and have no intention to buy a new phone.

Do you expect them to do the pedalling as well, just to make it easier?

It was a nuisance having to put your UN/PW in but this is now much easier, be happy.

Pedalling is what it’s all about, anything else is a distraction from that and should be eliminated.

And it’s not the pushing of the button that the issue, it’s:

Double click <----- wait -----> click <------ wait------> Pairing screen.

Whereas it should be:

Double click < ---------- wait --------- > Pairing screen.


Then I can use that wait to fill my water bottle, get my HR strap on. Instead of having to babysit the login process.


It’s not a massive issue - I grant you - but it’s an unnecessary one.

It is kind of necessary, just think of a use case scenario where you have multiple people sharing one computer. The login screen allows them to choose the correct user profile before being launched into the game.

Yeah, thanks for the easier log in guys! Keep up the good work.