Can I start the pairing process on my Classic trainer over?

I used Zwift happily for the free trial and loved it.  Since I started paying i cannot get Zwift to connect via ant+.

Can I uninstall and restart  the pairing process with my classic trainer?  I’ve checked the ant+ device and it’s working and in range.  As I said this worked in free trial.  Same set up won’t start up Zwift.


Can anyone help?

Hi Phil, 

Paid version is exactly the same as free version of Zwift. There must be something else causing this. You can always try reinstall using the latest launcher (available HERE) but it’s more likely Ant+ signal transmission issue. How far is your Ant+ dongle from your trainer/sensor? Which trainer or sensor do you use?

Re-installing worked.  Wasn’t an ant+ issue.  Set-up was identical and when I launched the re-installed version instant connection.



Hi Phil, 

Glad to hear, thank you very much for letting us know!

And now Ride On! :slight_smile: