Direct drive trainer for small space

My zwifting space is somewhat limited - I’m stuck in my shed and have about 6ft to play with. Currently both the front and back wheels of my bike are just a couple of inches clear of the walls of the room. It all works better than it sounds. I’m currently using a tacx bushido, which is great and JUST fits.
I’d like to switch to a direct drive trainer but clearly I don’t have much room ‘out the back’. Can anyone recommend any direct drive trainers that are particularly compact, or know where I could find measurements of the units from the rear skewer to the very back of the unit. Cheers.

Another option might be to get something that holds the fork, so that you can remove the front wheel, also, and gain a few more inches that way. A Kickr Climb might do the trick, if you’re willing to spend some $$$, otherwise I’m guessing there are some other options available.


Cheers, yeah I did think about stealing some space at the front. But I’m jammed up about as close to the other wall (and monitor) as I want to be! It is pretty immersive like this to be fair though :joy:

My Kickr Core takes up less space that my rear wheel alone, so a wheel-on trainer is much bigger than the Kickr core. From the center of the rear hub to the back legs of the kickr is around 11 inches +/- half an inch (30 cm). You should be able to gain a few inches with the right smart trainer.

I’m running a Tacx Neo 2 and you might get an inch or two of space over a wheel-on trainer.

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From the center of my rear axle to the back of rear tire is 35mm, Center of rear axle to end of Hammer direct drive is 33mm.

I recently mounted an older folding bike with 20” wheels on a Saris H3. From front of tire to back of H3 is 64 inches. If I can find a stable fork mount, can get down to 54 inches. The axle to axle footprint on the folding bike is about the same 41 inches as my two road bikes. If you can lose the front wheel, you can likely gain the same space.

my Solution:


Kickr Core takes up the least room of any DD trainer out back.

Any data to back that up?

I thought my Saris H3 was going to stick a long way out the back of my bike… I raised the desk my PC sits on so i could tuck the front wheel under it… then the H3 came, and it fits well under the mudguard, so must be shorter backwards than a 700c wheel.

Hi, I came up with this forum looking for an alternative to save space in front of the bike, you have a nice setup! Is that tailor made or a purchased product?

Hi Antonio,
the stand is handmade from 2.5 cm aluminum square tubes and short round tubes to hold the front fork.
The cost was about 50 euros! Good luck with the replica.
With best regards

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