Different direction on a meetup

Just had a 3 person meetup, one person was going the opposite direction inside the meetup. What’s going on?

Is everyone on the new latest update? If not, that can cause issues. iPhones probably haven’t gotten the update yet.

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We had the same! had a organized event of around 60+ people. Same happened to us. Bug with the update? Where / how do we report this?

Are you 100% positive everyone, all 60 zwifters, were on the same version with the latest update?

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nope - are you saying the version mismatch is the cause? Anecdotally it seems that it what the iSomething guys that went the wrong say, and they didn’t get an update today. So yeah, probably related.
Frustrating, since we have “Stage 2” of our event tomorrow and now have no guarrantees that this won’t happen again.

Will putting all the iPad / Phone / Mac guys in their own meetup have any effect?

I’m assuming this is the cause.

Not sure, but worth a shot.