Race Glitch

(Justin Bowersock) #1

In a two lap London flat course race today, Zwift turned me down a side street, off the race course, with about 0.6 miles to go. Zwift runs on my iPad, which I had not touched. I was not running Zwift companion. In other words, I didn’t touch any buttons. 

First time I’ve encountered this issue; super frustrating to go from 6th place at worst to dead last.

(David K) #2

I’m really sorry, Justin. This is the first I’m hearing about problems with race events from today. I know the last time something like this happened, it was because some of our members were running older versions of Zwift that didn’t have important aspects of the event incorporated yet.

You may want to consider contacting the race organizer TeamWBR - since you’ve experienced technical issues, they may be willing to provide special considerations.

Would you mind checking iTunes to see if there’s an update available? If there isn’t, please let me know. At that point, I’d want to open an email support ticket for you so we can collect a few resources to research through.

(Justin Bowersock) #3

Thanks for responding. There’s a update that posted yesterday–it says training plans feature added. I did not have that update installed. 

(David K) #4

Hi Justin,

I would suspect that was the culprit, but if you should notice continued event oddies, please let us know so we can help you prevent them.

Ride On!