Difference between my buddy and I both on Direto's?

My buddy and I both ride Zwift. Both use Elite Direto’s via PC platform and ANT +. My freind is recovering from surgery involving reattaching tendons in his ankle, so he is weak and building back up. I can scale the Alpe du Zwift in 55min and change. He completes it in around 85min. NOW THE DECENT?? He is on the zwift bike, I am on the Tron decending the Alpe. He is putting out 150watts at 50mph, while I’m pushing 300watts to barely hold 47-48mph!! Any insight would be great. Just a confusing situation. We are both baffled??

Which Zwift bike? The Zwift TT, that would be faster down hill.

Does your friend weight more than you do? Being heavier is an advantage going down hill.

Both of these would/could account for the difference in speed.

I believe height also plays into the equation here.

He is using the entry level zwift bike, zipp 808’s. He weighs about 10lbs less than I. I’m 188lbs he is 175lbs.

We are both 5’10" tall.

So it’s not the Zwift TT bike?

Its thw fact that I’m pushing 300-325watts down hill and he only 150watts and he pulls away?? Hmmm?

Nope, not the TT

He has the zwift Aero.

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But what is his in-game weight?

Does he catch a draft of another rider and you don’t?

Says he is honest with his weight. 178lbs. No drafting.

I have logged 2,900 miles since September. Did the 12 week FTP program. I push just shy of 1,300 watts in sprints. Actually sprinted for a bit and still couldn’t break over 50mph?? Baffled?