Didn't get confirmation of completing Specialized event

Hi, I didn’t get the usual email confirmation of completing the third stage of the Specialized Tarmac event on Sunday, as I did the other 2 stages. I also seem to have been credited with completing stage 1 of the MAAP event which I didn’t do, so looks like somethings gone wrong…

I emailed support on Monday but haven’t had a response as yet.

I’d say the same too.

I didn’t get an email about stage three of the Tarmac event, which I did as a catchup on Sunday (20:22 UK time).

But my Companion app says I’ve done Stage 1 of MAAP.


Now I’m wondering whether I’ve been entered into the SL7 draw, since I didn’t get the email confirmation.

Looks like the same bug, I just got a response from support after emailing again, they said that according to the internal database I completed all three stages, so I can only assume I’ll be entered into the draw correctly.