Did the update mess up anybodys Stages SB20?

Its screwed up mine! I was looking forward to the tour of Wattopia and my bike is pretty much unrideable after downloading the update moments before I started. Not a good end to the day.

what update? zwift app? or sb20 update?
Don’t know if my ipad did the zwift update but i sure didn’t do a FW update on my sb20

I assume yes, the game update that was released yesterday March 9th. version 1.23

Can you explain this a bit more.

Please give more information about the system and how you connect.

Sorry, i was going to jump on to do Tour of Wattopia and was forced to do the zwift app update. After the update the SB20 would not hold a bluetooth connection for more and 20 seconds. Constant drops and reconnects. I tried connecting my SB20 directly through an Apple TV and tried connecting through the companion app on my iPad with the same results. I am going to trouble shoot a little more at lunch today. Going to also try the zwift app on my iPad and bypass the apple tv.

The bike worked fine 5 days ago before i was forced to do the app update on my apple tv.

well going to wait before doing the update then;-)

Hmm, I did 20mins of the tour yesterday on my ATV4k and my SB20 - and all okay,
I did check for update before too. I’ll check again later to see if indeed was was on the new version.
No good if it is broken…

good deal. that is good feedback. I hope its not an issue with the SB20!

Rode the Tour of Zwift ride one this morning, double checked Zwift was update on my ATV4K - no issues here. Really sorry :frowning:

Mine is working as usual after the update. Did you check if the bike is on current firmware? Mine is on 1.12.0+3558