Did I misread the tour de Zwift distance options

My first Zwift event; and I read that the longer distance event was 44k or so, plus a lead in, taking it to 57k. Now I took a gamble going long, as I’m easing myself back to fitness; and I basically stopped on 71k, with the orange bar maybe 1/8th of the way through, totally demoralised. Can anyone help me; have I misread, is it a bug, any ideas? Thanks

The orange bar is your progress to the next level. For an event, there is a blue progress bar. Did you ride past the end of the event and miss it? The longer event was only four laps of the jungle circuit.

In an event or race you should watch the blue bar which is below the orange bar. On the left is the number of laps and on the right is the distance to the finish. Note that if there is a lead-in it will be the distance to the start of the first lap and then it will change to distance to the finish after you have completed the lead-in and started the laps.

Hmm. Thanks everyone. Pretty sure that I didn’t have a blue bar at all; I’m wondering if didn’t start the event correctly. I saw the event in the window in the right of my screen, and during the countdown I pressed the ‘ride’ button on the centre console, which put me on the course. Would the countdown have just taken me to the right place automatically?

Stage 1 was 44km INCLUDING the lead in (for option A) I believe.

Did you click on the event to join? You should have started the event in a paddock.

Once you load up Zwift properly there should be a JOIN EVENT button on the lower left with a countdown (this button appears 15 minutes before the event start). Click on that to be moved to the starting pens where everyone else is (it takes a few seconds for this to happen so be patient). Your jersey should change to the special event jersey. If you do not join then at 5 minutes before the start a popup will appear asking you to join. You can say NO THANKS and continue free ride but the JOIN EVENT option should still be there. Sometimes, Zwift can be buggy. You click on JOIN EVENT but it doesn’t take you to the start. You have to quit Zwift and restart it in these cases.