Di2 in log.txt and .fit files.

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I would like to see the shift information logged in the log.txt and the ride.fit file when the rider has Di2 with Ant+ integration. The data in the log.txt file would allow outside devs to create an overlay displaying the current gear selection on the screen as others have done with map displays. I already have the graphic portion mocked up and just need the data to move forward. The data in the ride.fit file would be useful on sites like di2stats.com


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If it’s in the .fit file, why would you need it in the Log.txt? The Zwift logs are for debugging and troubleshooting, not for analytics and data integration.

If you’re using a bicycle computer that can read the Di2 gearing from your sensor, it should be logging those already to the .fit file. You should be able to pull it from your device. I don’t know of any services (Strava, VeloViewer, Garmin Connect, etc.) that can parse them out of the file though.

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I want to use the log.txt file to augment what Jesper has done with the map and show shift data on the screen.  I have a mockup partially complete but no data to read from.  I tried uploading the Fit file from Zwift to di2stats.com and it says there is not shift data.  I have uploaded data from my Elemnt fit files and the shift data shows up.  I thought I had seen another post about the Di2 data having been removed since you can’t pair it anymore.




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I wouldn’t trust the logs for any data that you want to rely upon like this. It’s not meant for that, and they will change in content and verbosity over time.

The data is already exposed in the protocol coming from your sensor (assuming you have a SM-EWW01 sensor), so I would pull it from there, and display it on the screen.

The Zwift API is going to be coming, and we can ask that this type of data be exposed via the API. I would rather interact with it programmatically, than try to parse it out of the support logs.