How to determine power source used after a ride?

I always choose my Tacx as the power source for consistency, but a few times when using zwift on my mobile I’ve connected to my crankset by mistake. The values seemed a little off on my ride this morning and I’d like to confirm which source I used. Can’t seem to see it noted in the .fit file. Is there another way for me to check? Thx

Hi J Lee

From what I’ve seen fitfiles coming from Zwift do not carry a “Device List Channel” as some headunits do, like Garmin. In the attachments you’ll see the difference between a fitfile coming from “Zwift” and a fitfile coming from “Garmin 530”.

You may have a better chance by looking into the file named “log.txt” associated with that session or ride for that specific day. Here are two ways you could achieve this.

Step 1, locate your “log.txt”.

Step 2 - Option 1, If you paired your tacx via “ANT+” try running this “log.txt” file using “Zwiftalizer”

Scroll down the website, you will see a chart named “ANT+ Packet Loss” which contain the names or codes of the devices being used for that session.

Step 2 - Option 2, If you paired your device via Bluetooth BLE, look straight into the “log.txt” file using a text editor or similar, then perform a search using the keywords “Device List” and you’ll find the devices being used near the beginning of the file. See the attachments to see what you are looking after.

I hope this can help, english is not my native language so I apologize if it is too confusing.
Have a great day.fitfilefromGarmin

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Thanks so much! It is all there in the log.txt once I located the file. Lesson learned