DI2 Shift Data

I see some archived conversations from 2017 about this, but with all the changes we have seen over the past 5 years I wanted to discuss it again.

I would love to see Di2 shift data recorded in the Zwift file and possibly displayed onscreen. I currently run Zwift through my Apple TV and also connect my sensors to my Garmin Edge 530. I take the fit file from the Edge 530 and upload it to di2stats. It would be nice to have everything in one file, if possible, and the on-screen display would be an added bonus.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Tom_Rattray_2764 welcome to Zwift forums.

Shuji at Zwift HQ here. Shimano licenses their proprietary Di2 wireless communications protocol (called DFly) to select partners of theirs that make bike computer head units. DFly is not an open flavor of Bluetooth that third party developers like Zwift can utilize.

I can’t speak for Shimano, but unless they see strong value in licensing their technology to Zwift (and vice versa), your request is unlikely to happen.