Support for Shimano D-FLY units

I’d really appreciate the integration of Shimano’s D-FLY ANT+ units to make use of the “hidden” buttons on top of DI2 levers.

Here are some suggestions of what you could use them for, basically turning your handlebar into a game controller:

  • Route selection – Choose the route at junctions with a single click on the left/right lever
  • Workout controls – Start and Stop with a long press on the right lever, pause with a long click on the left lever and double click either for skipping an interval.
  • Di2 battery indicator – Even if you’re riding indoors and power outlets might be in reach, having your ride interrupted to get your DI2 charger is never fun. Having an indicator reminds you to charge your DI2 before the next ride. A in-game message or reminder on the companion app if the battery drops below a certain level (like 20%) would be icing on the cake :grinning:
  • Log gear changes – Garmin and Wahoo devices paired with D-FLY units log any gear changes in the .fit file for later analysis. This is definitely not a must-have, but why not use such data? (Sorry, I couldn’t silence my inner nerd :wink:)

It would be awesome if some of those stats could be implemented in the companion app as data fields as well, especially the battery indicator.

Also to give a Rideon within a tap :slight_smile:

Selecting the route at junctions and u-turns elsewhere would be great.