Di2 ANT+ buttons as Zwift remote controller


I use a set of smart rollers on Zwift and it’s very hard to take any of the two hands off the handle bars. For that reason I cannot use Companion or any of the controls on Zwift itself unless I completely stop pedaling and jump off the bike.

On the other side I have di2 on my bike. Each lever has an extra button that can be “read” via ANT+ to perform operations on compatible bike computers, such as change page, change to the map, create a split…
For garmin I think there’s up to three configurable touches: sigle, double and long.

Would it be possible to add ANT+ Di2 profile to perform simple operations on Zwift? The operations that would help the most to me are power-up usage, take the right/left way option, ride-on and photo.

I’m aware this is a big feature request (write the device-type controller, ui controls for configuration…) but it would improve my Zwift experience by a lot :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hey there!
Im in the same situations as you described. I wonder how you managed it?
Would be great to know :slight_smile:

Unfortunately no luck on this topic :frowning:
Right now I’m using the companion app on the phone as a remote which is alright 90% of times.