Device Type in FIT file

I’ve been importing my Zwift .fit files into Golden Cheetah, which seemed to work well up until March 10th. From the following file, you can see that GC parses the file and displays the relevant data;


A few days later, I tried importing another file and while the import process recognized the duration and distance of the ride, the resultant activity log showed all the fields zero’d;

The only difference I can see is that the Device Type (top of screen) has changed from “Zwift” to “unknown”.

Thinking that the file may have got corrupted, I re-downloaded the file from my Zwift dashboard and it was exactly the same. I also used FitFileTools to change the type to Garmin-810, which again made no difference.

Noting that this precedes the mountain expansion update, I’m curious did Zwift recently change something in the FIT file construction code?

Hrm, We’ve not changed the code in many months. How big is the March 15 fit file? Maybe it’s an incomplete file?   When you grabbed it from the Zwift website did the activity title say “(partial)” in it?

Thanks for replying, Jon;

The March 15th fit file is 177KB, and per this capture from my Zwift dashboard, it wasn’t flagged as a “(partial)” activity.

The Mar 10 file is 100KB, but I have Zwift files as large as 638KB (imperial century ride), which GC parsed ok.

I’m having this issue will all Zwift fit files since Mar 15 (the other activities in my GC list are outdoor files imported from my Garmin 810).


Apologies for the false alarm.

Really not sure what happened to my GC install, but backing up my data, uninstalling and re-installing GC and then re-importing my backed-up data seemed to resolve the matter.

GC is once again properly assigning the Device Type = Zwift and correctly parsing all my Zwift fit files.