Desktop app check for install update

Upon opening the desktop app, have it check for a newer install file if available.

After the Watopia expansion on New Years day, I had multiple app crashes during my rides.  I put in a support ticket and got an autoreply.  But I then considered uninstalling/installing the app again but went to the Zwift site to download the installer again.  The newer ZwiftSetup.exe file was “Product version” 1.0.19 and my original “Product version” was 1.0.16.  After installing 1.0.19 file, no crashes on an hour+ ride today.

Seems your support queue could use some relief with a version checker/prompt.

Along these lines, please give your ZwiftApp.exe file a “File version” or “Product version” as they are both currently blank.  I’m not sure how support is handled when a user isn’t sure what file/app version they are on.  Nobody likes to hear, “just uninstall and reinstall” vs. “if x isn’t version x.xx.xx then download the most recent installer” and better use your dev/support time on the fun stuff.

If you have successfully installed, then you don’t really need to know if there’s an update to the ZwiftSetup. At this point, only the ZwiftApp needs to be updated (which is what we do). If you have a failed install, downloading the setup file from our website will always grab the latest for you.

The plan is to have game updates download in the background ahead of time if you allow it.

Just out of curiosity … how does Zwift update the app without requiring elevated privileges? 

I like the idea of background updates.  My request was based on my original mid-December Zwift install was working fine until the first time I saw the “Updating” screen upon a login and started having desktop app crashes every 30-45minutes until I uninstalled and downloaded the newest installer (v1.0.19 vs. v1.0.16) which has me working fine since.

Red Rider - Windows apps update themselves all the time. Nothing new. You’re used to seeing the app ask to update but that’s a development decision not a permissions issue assuming the current user is admin, which on a home computer they usually are.