Dell Inspiron 17 with i7, 8 GB mem, 512 SSD - Zwift freezes constantly

Zwift freezes on my new Inspiron after 20-30 minutes. I have an ethernet cable attached (75Mps download), and updated every driver, W10 etc. Zwift runs perfectly on my Dell XPS desktop. Also Dell says my new Inspiron needs both the mic and camera replaced. I don’t know if that has anything to do with Zwift crashing. I suggested Dell replace my Inspiron but don’t know if this is a fix. Is anyone using a recent vintage Dell Inspiron successfully with Zwift?

Does your Inspiron have a discrete GPU, or does it use Intel integrated graphics? See

Thanks. My Inspiron has an Intel Iris Plus Video card. I know this is not as good as Nvidia but all the diagnostics say it is not a limiting factor. In addition Zwift ran flawlessly for one week. Now it crashes after 20-30 minutes. Zwift really needs to fix this. By the way Rouvy and RGT run fine on my Inspiron.
FYI:The fastest chips are high-clocked Core i7 models like the Core i7-8557U. Depending on the game, the Iris Plus 655 will probably be on par with a dedicated GeForce 930M or GeForce 940MX and can handle smooth gameplay in modern titles in low up to medium settings