Deleted "Custom Folders" are reappearing again!

This is new since the most recent update.
It was an issue last year, but was corrected and hasn’t happened in months.

Several weeks ago I deleted several of my “Custom Workout” folders.
Yesterday, I logged on to my iPad to look at a workout, and the deleted folders were back.
I then logged onto my PC (I only use the PC for loading custom WKO’s) and the folders were there too.
I deleted them, logged back on and they were gone.
Today, when I logged onto Apple TV, the deleted folders were there again.

This is a real PIA because I have a winter program that has seven blocks.
I have a custom folder for the entire season, and one for the current block.
When the current block is over, I move those WKO’s to the season folder.
Now the contents of each folder reappear, along with long since deleted folders.

I use my PC only to load & edit the folders.
I use Apple TV 90% of the time, my iPad on occasion.

Are others experiencing the same thing?

Incredibly frustrating, another big step back.

Did you make sure you are completely signed out of + force close app on each device before you were done? There are issues with multiple sign-ins affecting a variety of things.

You might also have to wait for a few minutes to an hour (I think I heard that somewhere, not positive) for Zwift servers to sync your workout changes across all devices.

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