Default to “Stay Here” at the end of an event

Alternatively, give users a configurable setting, like the Public/Follower/Private setting for new activities.

I’d rather complete my ride where I started an event than get warped back to another world.

When I ran Zwift on an iPad, this wasn’t much of a problem because the touchscreen had to be right in front of me to begin with. Now that I’m running it on a computer it means I need to get to a keyboard within 30 seconds of finishing an event. Sometimes that’s not a big deal, other times it is annoying.

Adding a contextual button in the companion app might also be nice, but to me the configurable default makes the most sense.

The default was changed to stay in the current world in the past, if it’s changed again its another recycled old code issue.

It’s odd, as the “do nothing” behaviour (i.e. letting the countdown time out) will keep you in world, but the default “action” (i.e. if you were to hit enter / A on the play controllers) is to do the opposite and take you back to the original world (doesn’t help that the two buttons are coloured differently, but don’t change depending on which is selected if I recall correctly). This has caught me out (usually in a post-race addled state of mind) more than a few times!

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Yeah, i agree - i accidentally went back to the previous world after an event yesterday.

the auto behaviour is to stay where you are and the stay button is highlighted and flashing so i pressed A on the play controllers without noticing that was actually to select go back to the previous world.

the play controllers should default to the auto select option

Prefer to stay in the same world after an event or race as well to make the ride longer or do a cooldown. Bit tedious indeed to always have to click on the “stay here” button.