Buttons on companion app should mirror buttons on zwift screen

When an event (e.g., a TdZ stage) is held in a world other than that day’s world, two buttons appear on the zwift screen at the completion of the event, allowing the rider to select whether to remain in the current world or to return to that day’s world. As far as I can tell, these choices cannot be selected from the companion app. To avoid having to unclip, get off the bike, and lose all momentum (both physical and virtual) to get to my laptop just to click a button before getting immediately back on the bike, it would be nice to have these options appear on the companion app screen, similar to what occurs before the start of an event. Thanks for making Zwift such a great environment for indoor cycling on a trainer.

Although it’s not intuitive, I discovered that when the 30-second countdown starts at the end of an event, selecting stop button (long press) on the companion app, followed by clicking the back arrow instead of “save and exit” or “discard” has the effect of continuing the ride in the current world without ending the activity, and bypassing the 30-second countdown.