Default options

Toady I did a 2hour group ride over the full PRL route, at the end I would have like to have continued, but the default setting is to return to where I logged in ( on original login the group ride world ( london) was not available)
Playing apple TV remote roulette, it of course selected the default “return” rather than “stay here”.

When will the be a new UI for the many apple TV users ?

How can you go directly to the world for a “pre-booked” group ride?

Why didn’t you just select ‘stay here’ so that you could continue on the PRL route?

have you tried selecting anything with sweaty hands on the Apple TV remote ?

My point is why not default to stay here rather than return?

The selected box is return, you have to swipe left to change it

Can any one give me good reason why one would want to return to another world after a group ride/race ?

Maybe because that is where you started.

Every option has pros and cons.

By chance, have you tried selecting the ‘Stay Here’ option once, and then seen what happens the next time around? I’ve been using ATV for years and mine definitely defaults to ‘Stay Here’, but I can’t remember if it’s always done that, or if I had to select it once, or twice, and Zwift ‘learned’ my preference.