Default "share to no club" when saving a ride

Hi Team,

I would be nice to have share to “no club” as default when saving our activities. Not a big issue but I think it would save most people the hassle of changing it at the end of a non club related ride.

Keep up the good work!

… Or to pre-populate the user’s last selection as the default, which should be easier for everyone, whether they use the “save to clubs” feature or not.


That’s how it used to be, and enough people hated it and asked for it to be changed that it got changed. There’s no reason why ‘no club’ is a better default than defaulting to a club, given that I at least have no idea whether ‘most people’ set it to No Club or set it to a club.

That said–the better option of course is for it to default to your specific last choice, whatever that was–club or no club. That’s what was asked for when the change was asked for.

And, only enough, that’s what at least some of us got. My own list defaults to the last club I’ve uploaded to of my clubs. Others however (there’s a big thread about this somewhere) are just getting it defaulting to the first club on their list. And no one seems to be able to get it to default to No Club anymore. Which isn’t what anyone wanted when they asked for the change back in the Fall.

It should default to the last thing you chose.

Found it: here’s the thread about this…

It works for you because you want to save to a club but if you don’t want to save to a club it doesn’t work.

It won’t default to no club no matter how often you choose that.

I just save it to some random club I got invited in to that I have no interest in being in because I can’t be bothered to change it every time

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I was a member of one club, and didn’t really do anything with that club, so when it started defaulting to that club, rather than the no club option, I removed myself from that club.
Problem solved.

No, what I’m saying is that some people were reporting that it wasn’t defaulting to the last club they chose, it was defaulting to the first club on their list. It’s all in that other thread I linked to.

So it wasn’t even working right for everyone who wants to save to a club. But it is working right for me. It defaults to the last club I saved to.

But again, as I said, it should default to the last selection that someone made, whether that’s a club or no club.

I thought we had fixed that.

Not fixed on ATV last time I tried. PC seems fine.

Same as Gordon, not fixed on ATV.

I wasn’t sure about the last update, because it was working that way for me since the original* change in the Fall.

Could it please default to the last option it was set to by the user?

Some people wants to default to a club
Others, like me, wants to default it to no club
Solution —> default to last chosen option

I can’t wrap my head around it, that the design team didn’t thought this was the purpose of the originals requesters when they made “the fix”



@shooj @James_Zwift

Can you please let us know where the team is at with this?
Can we expect to see it in the next update? Is it even being considered?


I don’t think this is currently high in our priority list currently. If I hear anything I’ll let you know.

This is definitely really annoying; not defaulting to last chosen if “No Club” selected on PC for me.


It is solved now, because last ride was on “no club” for me :partying_face: