Default camera view change?

I also noticed it the last two/three days. Avatar is all the way back/bottom of the screen. If I switch to screen 2, the avatar goes forwards and backwards the while time. I’m using an Apple TV with latest update. Its not since the update, started happening a few days after the update

We’re still working on it. No firm root cause yet, but we’ll update this when there’s news to report.

Only happens when joining someone/thing, but then sticks. It’s fine and normal when starting off solo.

That’s what I thought. Originally it only happened when joining pace partners and it seemed to be right after finishing one ride and starting another without closing the program. Now it can be on the first ride and even riding alone.

I did the zrl TTT on Tuesday with no issue but the pace partners ride before it was stuck on that view.

I’ve had success with re installing the android app on the phone so far. Started 5 rides in a row successfully today. Maybe something to do with saved data/cache?

No such luck with the laptop-Windows 10. It worked properly once, then right back to the “stuck” view.

Same laptop, different rider last night, there was no issue. It was only when I logged in that it happened.

I’m seeing the same problem. I had thought it was a bug in a new version because I first started having the “fixed, centered and close” avatar after an upgrade to server version 1.302.0. Apparently that’s not it because your post is from April 2022, I’m seeing it now in Nov. 2022. I wrote a “features request” post to the forum titled “NO - to the fixed and centered Avatar” - many have read it but there are few votes. I’ve noticed the default avatar changes with the type of ride. With Pace Partner rides - coco and yumi - the avatar is the stupid one you’re describing. But I’ve done workouts and today a group ride on Makuri with 188 other riders and I had my preferred “agile” avatar that moves forward and back in the group. My wife has a newer computer and generally has the “agile” avatar. Still trying to understand the conditions that produce this “bug”.

Its really annoying when the avatar is at the back/bottom when doing a bunch ride, as you cant really gauge your position in the bunch. I really hope they get a fix for it quickly

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I have been watching this behavior for some months. In the past, restarting the app (windows 10) solved it, but now this action does not solve it anymore. And this is the most comfortable and most used camera view by pilots.

I get this odd behaviour too, on iOS, but only when I join a pace partner ride (I think?)