Odd looking camera views [November 2022] [1.31]


After the update today, camera angle seems different. Nr. 1 is too close, nr. 2 is shaking, I have not tryied others yet.
Anyone having the same experience?


Hi @Iztok_Knez
Thanks for flagging this up. Would you mind taking a screencapture of what you’re seeing in each camera view? It helps us understand what you’re seeing on your end.


Thank you for your reply.
This one was taken 2 days ago:

And this one is from today:

Both were taken in camera angle 1.

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Thank you for the stills and the detail. We’ll investigate why camera 1 changed in v 1.31.


Apparently this happens only if you start riding with a pace partner (or other zwifter), then the camera 1 gets stuck in the “pedal assist” position and camera 2 acts like crazy. The issue persists if you leave the ride and start riding again from still position.

If you just open the game and start riding from still position it works as usual.


Zwift needs to hire you @oldnapalm


In case it helps, something similar was seen in April this year if I recall correctly… not sure if the cause is the same, but what I’m seeing on mine appears similar to what I saw then too.


Same happened to me when I started riding with pacepartner.

I had these closer camera angle in a race as well where camera 1 and 2 are different to what they used to be - image below is camera 1

I am seeing this issue as well on iPad (8th gen). It’s happened on stages 3 and 4 of the Tour of Makuri and when doing a Pace Partner ride with Miguel.

It’s driving me crazy!

I was in camera 2 today as it seemed to be slightly better than 1, but still too close, and noticed on the wooden bridges in Urukazi the camera shake was way more violent than in camera 1. It was making me nauseous, as soon as i went back to camera 1 it was fine. Was camera 2 always more shaky than camera 1? It was really bad!

Same issue in an event when you late join.

I’m getting the “close” camera 1 view now in all of my rides (pace partner, free, workout, and race). Zwift, any updates on a fix? Thanks!


Can we get some update please? This bug is taking a lot of fun out of zwifting.


I wish they would allow us to turn ALL camera shaking off, riding Neokyo with all the different road surfaces shaking the cameras gives me a headache.

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Anyone else’s Camera 1 view not the same as it used to be in Free Ride or Pace Partner? My avatar is much “closer” to the screen (more like Camera 2) then previously. Ever since latest update. Zwift, are you aware?

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From looking at Strava pictures it looks common. I’m still seeing some pictures with the old view so hopefully it’s a glitch they can work out. Annoying

Has anyone else had this happen not the most important issue but quite annoying. My camera 1 view has changed it’s now the same pretty much as camera 2. I used to be able to see my entire avatar now I only see from the waist up.