December Gran Fondo

I tried to ride the Gran Fondo Saturday and Sunday @ 9am.

On Saturday I made it 2.9 miles and the screen froze.
I quickly restarted zwift and got
At mile 12.9 on the descent of the Volcano my screen froze again.
I couldn’t get back because the time to start had expired.

I decide to ride with Bicycle Way of life for their 100k ride.
I had no issues and finished the ride.

This morning (Sunday) I tried to ride the Gran Fondo again.
At mile 19.7 heading down to the jungle loop my screen locked up again

Am I the only person to have this happen?


I wasn’t trying to point fingers.
I was just wondering if any other Zwifters had encountered this too.

I use windows 11 software on my laptop,
All the latest updates for zwift, the companion ap, and windows have been installed.

Nobody can help without knowing anything about how you’re running the game, was the point.

Please describe the specs of your laptop.