DD-Qhubeka Fan Jersey

Does anyone else have a problem with DD-Qhubeka Fan Jersey.

If i want to start riding with the DD-Qhubeka Fan Jersey i have to customise every time i start Zwift.

If i choose this jersey and Close Down Zwift, i always start again with the Zwift jersey. Does not happen with other jerseys.

It means if i would join a Qhubeka PROs ride with a Qhubeka Fan Jersey, i have to join him pedaling as a madman and stop to customise the jersey and there is no way i would make it up to the PROs wheel again.

It isn’t just you. I’ve had the same issue. I stopped wearing the Qhubeka fan jersey because I was tired of having to get off my bike and hike over to my computer to change from the default Zwift level 1 jersey.

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