DC Rainmaker always showing on zwift in CA?

I’ve noticed for about a week or so that Ray from DC Rainmaker has been showing on the Paris course for over a week.

Has anyone else got this? He is showing on two different devices for me so do t think it is specific to me in any way.

I wondered if he is doing some kind of test. A couple weeks ago Fausto Masnada, Pro Tour Team Quickstep sprinter, was on Zwift for many days in a row. I have thought to contact Ray Maker but I keep telling myself, as well known as he is, someone has contacted him.

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He’s still there🚴🏻‍♂️

How do you edit titles?

There is a pencil that lets you amend it but I can’t see anyway to actually save the change?

It was meant to say always showing on zwift btw!

Figured it out - you have to edit the first post not the title


Save button does not display, but to the next of the “x” there is a white space where you can click(I think it’s the save button but it’s just invisible).

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He’s still there!

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Hahaha, looks like I’ve managed to stir the pot. :disguised_face:

I’m not entirely sure why. I’ve been out of town for 10 days now, so I presume some device must still be accidentally logged in, though admittedly I can’t figure out which one.

Looking at the Nest Cam’s in the DCR Cave, none of the trainer TV’s are on (which are connected to Apple TV’s that run Zwift, and if Zwift was running, they’d stay on). There’s an M1 Mac Mini that’s probably on, that I sometimes use for certain Zwift things, but I don’t think I’ve used that for Zwift recently. But the screen for that isn’t on either, since undoubtedly that’s gone to standby. Meanwhile, my home shed Apple TV isn’t showing as on either according to that Nest Cam. Perhaps there’s some random iPad plugged in somewhere that got turned on for a quick thing before I bolted out the door.

Not sure. But, I land later today back home, so I’ll figure out which one it is.


When you find it you have to complete at least one lap of Paris to make it worthwhile. You also need to do something to earn all the ride ons i have given you when I log into the companion app and click the thumb to give ride ons to everyone I follow.


Gordon Ramsay seems stuck in Richmond now

He’s been there for the past few days.

Is this a zwift bug or user error?


Is that Chef Ramsay?

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I think so, he has a tick next to him.

Gotta burn off all that fancy food somehow!

“You call that a sprint? Unbelievable. That was &$@%ing pathetic! I’ve seen more power in a campground bathroom light bulb, you donut! Your legs look limper than my granddad’s dork. Disappointing. Get back in line!”


Looks like they both logged into the game at some point and simply walked away without logging out.

I thought there was a 24 hour limit on rides though so would they not be auto logged out at some point? And it lets you give them multiple ride ons which it wouldn’t normally would it? it is usually one per ride.

I’m probably the only one who notices though, i often use the “zwifitng now” bit of the CA for people I follow as a quick way of seeing which worlds are currently available as it shows who is riding and which world they are in

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