Dashboard downloads

Since the dashboard has info on our past rides, and the .fit files are relatively small, are they stored on the server somewhere? Like for x months or x number of rides or such? Is there a way we can download past rides if say I happen to be on a friends machine or something and don’t want to hassle them with emailing myself a file etc etc…

They auto upload to Strava, you can then fetch the .gpx…

Yes, just recently when that feature has been pushed out. But I’ve been riding in Zwift since October so my previous .fit files came from the activities folder Zwift saves to, GPX files also do not contain the same data .fit files do.

FIT - Flexible and Interoperable Data Transfer
Strava strives to comply with the FIT Activity File (FIT_FILE_TYPE = 4) spec as defined in the official FIT SDK.

The base version of GPX does not allow for the inclusion of heartrate, cadence, distance or temperature data. As a result, extensions to GPX were created and Strava supports the two most popular plus a general format. The extensions extend the <trkpt> tag to include extra attributes with each datapoint.

For each track point in a GPX file downloaded from Strava you’ll see it’s missing power:
<trkpt lat=“-0.3688780” lon=“-159.9998420”>

Weird, I didn’t know Strava didn’t include the power data in the gpx. That’s kind of dumb.

Fit file download should be available very soon - we do store them for you.