Cycling stats in ZCA show last 30 days higher than All Time

Take a look at the screenshots, how is that possible? I started Zwifting on Christmas day, two weeks ago.

This is actually a known issue that we are currently investigating. It appears to only be a display issue. We will be updating this post when the issue is resolved. The fix will come from our end so just be sure to keep your app up to date. Ride On! :slight_smile:

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Thank you Abigail

This issue still is not solved, isn’t it? I have the same problem…

Not too sure @Nina_Vermeulen I don’t pay any attention to it any more. The weekly emails Zwift sends with distance data are also a mess. I just pay attention to Strava’s training section to calculate my weekly distance, plus then it includes my outside rides.

Mine is the same, even my 7 day figures are higher than all time! Also joined Movember and that doesn’t record either (known issue :smile:) so after 10 months of investigation they still haven’t fixed it.

Well, it only affects new users, so once you’re past 30 days then the bug goes away. It’s also a “display issue” since all the data are saved correctly, only displayed incorrectly, so it’s not an actual bug :bug: and probably not a priority for them to fix… :crazy_face:

I joined 17 October and the BUG is still there, maybe it’s a new ‘30 day bug’ compounded the issue.

I have also joined longer then a month ago.

I noticed my totals showing in my profile are lower then my totals when i add up all my activities.
So there is some issue at least.

My latest ride, Tour of Londen stage 3, did not got added up to my totals. After my ride, it still showed the totals from before the ride.

Please Zwift fix this bug. It is NOT only a display issue. It also reflect the Mt. Everst challenge.

When can is be fixed. It would seems to be quite simple.

I write all my Zwift rides in a Excel Sheet shortly after riding. says, 4623km and 54034 climb meters.
My Excel Sheet says 4730.5km and 55379 climb meters.
The rides that were not saved correctly cause of a PC Problem are not included in the Excel Sheet.
I’m missing 107.5km and 1345 climb meters.

I noticed this long time ago, but it don’t really bothers me.

I have the same problem (my total stats are not increasing anymore, but my 30-day stats are and are higher than my total stats). I have contacted the support team today and they told me that there is no work around this issue and that I should write on the forum to bring some attention from Zwift to fix this issue. According to their website, Zwift knows this issue since at least January 2019.

Hi @Nadia_Gosselin and welcome to Zwift! This is a display bug, it doesn’t effect your actual distance and eventually it will look more accurate. After a few months you wont notice it anymore and all will be right with the world.

I’m new to Zwift and this bug is still there. I finished my first 30 days of riding from April 5 to May 4. At the end of 30 days my stats should have been identical but only distance was correct, see below. I don’t think this should be described as a display issue because it reeks of a rounding issue. Presumably the 30 day numbers are rounded after each ride and rounding errors simply accumulate over the 30 day period while the all time stats would be correct totals.

  • Distance - 760km (all time and 30 days)
  • Elevation - 9,721m (all time) vs. 9,732m (30 days)
  • Time - 1d 3h (all time) vs. 1d 4h (30 days)
  • Slices burned - 42 (all time) vs. 48 (30 days)

I’m also having this issue. I’ve been zwifting for a week now. Curiously, the distance is the same for all three timeframes, but 30 day and 7 day have a few more pizza slices, and a full three hours more time than “all time”. Will those three hours never get added to all time? It’s not a huge deal I guess. I still got the exp and the drops.
I think I may use those “all time” stats as a source of motivation in my fitness journey, and I’d like to be sure all my effort was recorded there.

On this topic. I’ve noticed that if I am riding and using my laptop and while i’m riding I open Zwift ap on phone and get into the riding part at same time that my ride on the laptop will only register to 30 day and not all time. Further, all riders sometimes disappear immediately upon opening the app. The Zwift app, not the companion.

This is usually an indication that you have lost a network connection.

I would advise against doing this, it has been known to cause lots of issues. Especially if you don’t exit the game correctly and just close the app.