Cycleops Mag

(Jason Crossman (B)) #1

When setting up the trainer a recent update shows some very nice pictures of turbo trainers to choose from.  I used to select CycleOps Mag from a list, of which I believe their where a few levels to choose from.  But now there only appears to be L3.  My CycleOps Mag doesn’t come with a resistance/level selector, so I assume its at L0 or L1. Riding with CycleOps Mag L3 is giving me very different figures than I used before. I have to put in a lot of power to get 100w! Will L1 and L2 be returning?

Thanks, Jason.

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Jason,

According to CycleOps, the Mag comes with an adjustable resistance dealie. Do you definitely have the Mag? Or is it the Magneto (which has no adjuster)?

(Jason Crossman (B)) #3

I believe I have the Mag.  It looks identical to the one in this link:

The Magneto seems to have a different black cover on the magnets than my trainer.  Mines over 3 years old and I did have the option to by a version with the resistance dial but I choose not to because I adjust the resistance with the bike gears.