Cycleops Mag+ setting 5?

New to Zwift. I have a cycleops mag+. What does use setting 5 mean? Is that all the way down on the handlebar resistances lever. My trainer is from like 2011. Thanks!!

I used to have one of these, 5 is the hardest resistance

However on my trainer 5 was way way too hard and 4 was more appropriate - at least one other person commenting in these forums had the same experience.

I think the 5 setting may be appropriate for the newer versions of this trainer but not the old.

I eventually switched to a Neo and found the 4 setting to be very good match (my FTP didn’t change between Cycleops and Neo)

Thanks for the info. I agree 5 seems way too hard. I think I will change to the new yellow knob cycleops came out with to make sure the tension on the tire is correct as well. Thanks again.