Customizable timers

I think it would be a cool Idea to be able to set custom timer pop ups, for example here is a ride I do: 

Warm up 15 mins then 5 min speed pedal.
Steady State Intervals are done at, or slightly below your lactate threshold pace (the highest speed you can hold during a 30-minute time trial).
Interval: Three 15-minute efforts (intensity 8 to 10)
Recovery: 5 minutes


1st @ start: “warm up”

2nd @ 15 mins: “speed pedal”

3rd @ 20 mins: “Steady State”

4th @ 35 mins: “recovery”

5rd @ 40 mins: “Steady State”

6th @ 55 mins: “recovery”

7rd @ 60 mins: “Steady State”

8th @ 75 mins: “recovery”

9th @ 80 mins: “cool down”


TLDR: Custom text pop ups at desired times