Custom Workout Tab

The custom workout tab used to be at the top of the list. Now it is buried towards the bottom. It is already cumbersome that the custom tab is selected, a workout is selected and then you are taken to the old workout menu. This old menu is where the custom tab is buried at the bottom. Please move it back to the top of the list of workout tabs. :handshake:

Zwift were asking for feedback on Workout Menu recently - worth having a read. Quite a few requests/ideas for quick access to your favourite workouts, and include your custom ones in that list.

Quite a few other threads around about the Custom folder disappearing completely, or people bugged that it’s now been moved down the list making it a pain to find. Hopefully @Charlie_CC has seen those posts and is considering that with the re-vamp he is looking to undertake.

EDIT: Just looking at the new update and my Custom workouts are back to the top of list.