Crit City Race every 30mins please


can we have a Crit City Race every 30 minutes please.
I personally don’t care, if mass start or staggered or whatever.
It’s just sometimes annoying to dig into evens to find something that suits.

I - as a customer - just think it would be nice to have the opportunity to jump on for a short race almost whenever I want on a route that’s simple and know which intensity to expect.

For Zwift there would be other benefits too:

  • increased data
  • Cat enforcement could be easier since maybe more people do that 20min effort
  • Zwift can somehow offset the dissantvantage to RGT’s possibilty to race with specified bots
  • strengthen customer relation/loyalty

Should be pretty simple … but we all know simple things could take years for Zwift :sweat_smile:


Can’t event organisers do this though?

and what if nobody but you sign up for it and it is only you in a race? its pointless adding races purely for the sake of filling time slots if you are not getting a turnout for that race


And what if someone signs up?

We all don’t know. If no one signs up, no one races.
But if somone signs up, there will be a race.

But if we don’t have the opportunity, no has the comfort of a short race every 30 minutes.

1 person does not a race make

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** Except in Zwift. :rofl:


Since the beginning of cycling:

One person is a casual ride, two is a race.


I looked up a Crit City event (Category Enforcement) set to take place this evening ( US time ).
A - 1 rider
B - 5 riders
C - 5 riders
D - 6 riders

For whatever that’s worth.

Are we allowed to bet on the outcome of the A race?

If it’s mass start, a C-Rider will win the sprint :wink:


I personally think a crit city every hour or hour and a half is reasonable, but not every 30 minutes as there are plenty of other community races that would appreciate the attention.

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Totally agree, but think of the possibility to string 2 crits toegther:

BOOM: you have a 2x20 FTP Workout → Sprint training included.

Never doing structured workouts again :sunglasses:

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I rode C on the Crit City Category Enforcement ride I mentioned. 38 riders.

I know this isn’t what you’re asking for but could there be a kind of “always on” time trial? And leader boards are based on that hour? So if you start at 10.27, for example, you’re in the 10-11 time trial. Start any time in the hour and you’re in that hours results.

For various personal reasons I struggle to ride at specific times (I suffer with severe/life changing OCD which makes doing things at specific times at best challenging and often impossible) so I never get a chance to ride the event only worlds. Having events you could enter in a window of time would massively help me out here.

I know I’m a super niche case so not expecting the world to change for me but if there was a way to make it happen that’d be cool :relaxed:


1,000% agree. In fact if this doesn’t happen, I’m probably going to cancel my Zwift membership for the summer.

Between the large gaps between races and the lack of sandbagging enforcement the value is not great. Still a big fan and I’d tolerate this in winter…

Guess that’s like a timed segment like Fuego Flats? Only without leaderboard.

Is there anyone from Zwift reading this suggestions?

Are you going to go to the other platform that has well attended races every 30 minutes?
Sandbagging just got fixed.

RGT has very good bots. But the dynamics are different there.
And sandbagging wasn’t the topic. :wink:

The hourly races aren’t even well attended…
For crit races you really only need a small field. Lots of people also do multiple crit races as well.

I know that the outdoor weather is improving (where most Zwift users live) and that will lead to reduced numbers. But still, as far as field size goes there is really only a minimal effect on field size if Crits are spaced at 30 minutes or 60 minutes. In fact, as I mentioned in my last post, the larger spacing might be causing smaller fields since more people are giving up on racing altogether (owing to the fact that they have to wait an entire hour).

The “less frequent races will equal bigger fields” suggestion was made by a vocal minority. And although that might hold true for other types of events, it’s not really working for Crit races.

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I was just thinking today as I looked for a quick tea time race that the shorter jump on events seem fewer and further between. I am purely guessing, but in the UK, about 5-6pm you get a lot of people checking out a quick half-hour race. The majority seems 45mins upwards now with often a half hour to an hour wait. Seems to me, and I have limited recollection of the past (old age) that shorter races seemed more regular, and well attended and now I don’t have an hour and a half to wait and race of an eve