Crit City Race every 30mins please

I rarely sign up for crits since attendance is so low. My thinking is they need less races not more.

Those race with a mid level attendance actually offer some decent race opportunities. I think you need atleast 10/15 to make it interesting.

It means groups can break and the blob effect doesn’t mean everyone just sits together to a final sprint. Individual efforts can affect the race with lower numbers - It almost feels like a more normal/real type of racing…

Maybe as good a place as any to check, but the lunchtime Crit City races are now 13.30 and not 12.30 for me as a result of clocks changing in the UK. Is this permanent @James_Zwift?

I’ll check with Charlie to see if he wants the events moving.


Cheers buddy.

Ah well spotted - Guess thats my lunch time ride gone out the window.

Was there any movement on this @James_Zwift?

I cant be the only one who struggled with fitting the 1:30 session in around work lunch & core hours - With the 12:30 time it gives a bit more flexibility