Create your own jersey

It would be great if you could create your own kit to ride in.

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I’m 100% behind this one.

If the jerseys are visible to other riders, however, I think there would need to be some sort of moderation mechanism. Otherwise you just know someone is going to be riding around in a porn jersey before you know it…

But fundamentally I’d love to be able to recreate my own club jersey & shorts and wear them. Dunno if they’re anything like Quake 2 player skins, but they were fairly straightforward to create.

This sounds like an easy add-on for the programmer…  i’m sure its already written in it just hasn’t be released to general public.

Some sort of companion app - we could create our own club jerseys then offline and load them in.

YES!!! That would be great.

  • Every time you log in you would have to download 1000 “custom” jerseys. Lag.

  • Video memory is limited and texture consume huge ammounts of memory. You simply can’t have unlimited number of jerseys. Bad for low end systems.

I remember some crazy russian developers doing this in the online game IL2-Sturmovik. Actually worked nicely (OpenGL).

We don’t have yet option to change helmet, sock or globes colours. 

We need a better race system with separate chat. 

More hair styles and age customization. 

Perhaps we could have national jerseys as an option?

Memory issues can be catered for either with an option of having custom jerseys linked to graphics profiles (e.g. diabling the majority for people on low end cards). It’s no reason to limit options.

You wouldn’t need to download 1000 jerseys every time. You’d only download new ones and they’d be cached locally

Just because there are other things we also want, that’s no reason not to have this feature. The only issue is prioritisation. 

Personally I’d rather see custom jerseys before helmets, socks, hair styles and age customisation. 


Not qiet sure how jerseys are made with regards to file type. But if it was a standard jpg or some other standard graphic file type, we could possibly get a muckup download to “repaint” and upload while logged in on the website. Then the server should be able to send it on to a personal game kit folder.