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Hi -probably an easy question- How do I create workouts in zwift? Thank you!

Best place to start:

Might be something here that one could use -

Hey Ray, these look great! How do I find them in Zwift? What links should I use?

Thank you!


How do I find in Zwift? What links?

Thank you so much!

For the ones already on zwift. In zwift on start clicking training and select a workout.

I’m not getting a link to access? Am I in the right place?

When you log on to Zwift and reach the starting screen, look down the menu at “Ride Type.” If it says “Just Ride,” that means you have no workout selected. Click the blue “Training” button and you’ll be taken to a menu of structured workouts and training plans.

Thanks Ray! Got it

Also worth to check ZWO Factory. You can generate the workout, than simply copy it into the owrkouts directory.

ZWO Factory

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