Crashing on iPadOS [August 2023]

iPad. Crashing roughly 40 mins into racing every time. Very frustrating

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I did my first workout today on my new ipad pro 12.9. After about 30-40 minutes driving time, the ipad started to jerk. Dropouts up to what feels like 10 seconds and longer. I then closed and restarted Zwift and it ran smoothly again. I’m also on OS 16.6

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Same here, had one crash two days ago after 40 ish minutes and one today after only 6

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I recently updated zwift on the Mac OS system, and my workout crashed in about 1 hour and 30 minutes! This has never happened on a Mac before

Maybe not the same issue. Running IPad 2 Air, has been fine the last several weeks since starting, but recently (within the last week or so) has crashed. I believe version is sub 16, has plenty of storage space. Thought about updating IPads but looks like that may not be helpful?

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iPadOS 15 is the highest that will run on your Air 2. I think it would be worth upgrading because of the really slow CPU in your iPad, but right now is probably not a good time due to the crashing issues. There have been some reports of crashes on earlier iPadOS 16 versions as well, though most reports seem to be about 16.6. Whatever this bug is may be affecting a broader range of versions. Hard to say if that’s what is affecting you.

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This is on version 1.46.0 (117600) and iPadOS 16.6. Riding on R.G.V tonight US Eastern time, doing the 6:30 PM EDT EZR ride, we finish the ride and some of us stay on the course. Coming through the Pavé Sprint, I’m following my host and maybe someone else’s, set a (non-event) PR and get confetti on that turn on the cobblestones … and everything slows to a crawl, as my iPad starts showing me one frame at a time. I pedal for a while, then stop, get off the bike, and wait for the processing to catch up, Instead, Zwift restarts, I’m assuming after a crash (I’ve never had it crash on the iPad before so I don’t know how it normally behaves).

I emailed logs to Zwift’s logs email but can attach them here if needed. I assumed it was a combination of wearing a sprint jersey and getting confetti and having ghosts and showing cobbles and having the crowd, and the iPad took on more than it can handle, but obviously I can’t know from my side. Wondering if other iOS users have seen similar things.

5 crashes in last 3 rides since Zwift forced me to update my app on my ipad. seems to crash after 30 minutes or so of riding. is there a save button you can hit during a ride to create a restore point? zwift seems to remember my ride, but it takes me back to about a minute into the ride, so i lose lots of my progress.


That sounds eerily familiar.

I wonder if the underlying bug is the same as one I had on ATV a while ago: Choppy frame-rate, lockup, riding with Robo Pacer in France [ATV] [1.44] [July 2023]

FWIW, try disabling video screenshots.


Thanks for the tip! Already had those disabled. But it did seem to play out like your bug (I didn’t think to try to save the ride on the Companion app, so I lost it from a Zwift perspective; I was able to upload the in-progress .fit file to Garmin).

In the meantime I’ve ordered an ANT+ dongle and will try to get my laptop running Zwift - in addition to hopefully seeing better graphics, I’ll also have a buffer if it turns out there are iOS issues and it takes Zwift a while to fix them.

iPad OS version 16.4.1 (a).

Had a crash where Zwift simply froze (no graphical anomalies, just a frozen screen) and became unresponsive requiring a force quit shortly after the start of the third of Sunday’s Tiny Races. Total time on Zwift up to that point would have been about 38 minutes.

I tried another workout today. It crashed after approximately 5 minutes. I decided to do a free ride for an hour and I was able to finish it without any problems. Zwift and ios are the latest versions and I am using an iPad 5th gen., which apparently is still supported by Zwift. For me the problem started on August 18th.

Update: just had a crash when doing a free ride. So it is not only limited to workouts as I initially thought. And yes, I have rebooted the iPad after my first crash.

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Mine crashed ‘often’ a week or so ago. I’d look up and it would be at the ‘entry screen’ again, showing events, and then drop into the game, and sometimes would trip out again back to the entry screen (lather rinse repeat). I haven’t caught it actually blown out to iOS, so didn’t know if it was blowing all the way out, or just recycling to the entry screen. But then why would it restart the app? For rides, it didn’t seem to matter. For timing, it happened once within minutes of the start, and then sometimes happened after 20/30 minutes. I didn’t notice it tripping out in the rides I did last week and the weekend. I’m surprised how often I just don’t look at it I guess, if it’s ‘crashing’ and dropping back into the game.

Is tripping back to the entry screen a crash?

Yes, 16.6. iPad 9.

I think my ‘crashing’ was happening before the 18th. I posted about it somewhere here or the update announcement post?

Had a successful ride to completion on Zwift today (90 minutes total, 60 with a group) - I turned off all ghosts prior to the ride just in case that was contributing to my issue.

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Same for me. I get intermittent crashes that never happened before I updated to 16.6.

Crashes are really unpredictable 1 time it was 5 mins after I started. Another time 45 mins in and the first time it happened it was 2hrs 45mins into a ride.

Not quite sure what is going on but this has been happening since early Aug just that the first 2 times I thought it was an issue with my Ipad until I saw this thread.

Also having this issue. No problems with iPad for years Updated and cannot seem to get more than 10 mins at a time.

Had this issue again today. And while the crash itself is frustrating, the fact that, upon restart, Zwift asks if you want to restart the activity, but then doesn’t actually give you any data beyond the point of the crash, is absolutely infuriating. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Apple TV 3rd gen 4k after the latest update, I have had random multiple screen freezes and also toggling to PnP window disconnects the trainer and I have to toggle back to Zwift and re pair.

I am having these issues too, at the same time. I have put in the Zwift tickets and done 2 updates now on Tuesdays and still have the crash out about 30 min into the workout or ride. Twice it impacted racing. I was able to do one IndieVelo workout today for over an hour with no crashing issues. This is a new platform for cycling and you can download it for free right now because it is new and in Beta mode.