.5 mile from the end of my ride just now Zwift disappeared and left me with no ride saved! Not happy. No connection issues. Any ideas as to why?:rage:

I experienced the same yesterday midride while being the leader of a group ride.
Zwift just vanished. (After having Zwift restartet and rejoining the event, Zwift placed me 2 km behind the main group, no chance to catch up :frowning: .)

I had this issue several times after having my PC updated to Windows 11. There seems to be an issues with the Nvidia Graphics Card Driver on my setup. After having installed the newest driver I had no crashes for several rides including events - until yesterday.

We need a bit (and by a bit I mean “a lot”) more info to go on…

What device are you running Zwift on?

Companion App? Sensor bridging? WiFi network type/frequency? Sensors used? Trainer used?