Crash when taking photos

Zwift crashed when taking screen shots/photos in companion. Apparently this is a known issue but I only found info from 2018 here. This has happened twice now. Once at the end of a ZRL race. I took a screenshot from companion of the results and the system completely crashed (black screen). Restarted and resumed the activity and saved. Info was in WTRL and ZP but the ride did not save in companion as a ZRL race it saved as a free ride. Then last night I was riding WTRL TTT taking pictures to distract myself from the pain of Titans Grove on a Buffalo bike. Crashed just before the KOM the 2nd time through at 33k. Resumed as before but was dropped on the general course and not back with my team. Course completion started over at the leadin but kms were correct. Finished the route and the full distance scheduled and saved. Ride saved at 43k as a free ride rather than TTT. No results in WTRl or ZP and my power numbers were way off for 20,10,5 minute (though average power was accurate). The ride also saved in companion as a free ride at 33km when the crash happened apparently. I am running zwift on Apple TV (not newest version but it is 4k). Running companion on iPhone 13.

hi, that’s a known bug since last update. apparently they have a fix ready but are not releasing it until the next update probably in a week or two i’m guessing

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