Crash ridîng ENGINE-76

Hi, I use zwift for years.
Last year in 2022 I bought a new laptop dedicated to Zwift.
It worked well but since few weeks, Zwift crash after 5mn… 2 or 3 times… and sometimes nothing. Ive send my logs and Support told me it was a known bug on « ENGINE-76 » and I will get more infos on this Forum.
But after a search I found nothing…
What can I do !?? Suspend my subscription ??
Please help.

I’m not familiar with that error code. What are the specs of the device you’re running Zwift on? OS version, CPU, RAM, GPU…

Probably you should tell support that there’s apparently nothing on the forum and they should send you a link to any forum post they’re talking about.

Assuming you are on Windows, you could also look for clues in the Windows Event Viewer