Crash after todays update [1.33.5] [March 15 2023] [SOLVED]

we have both had it for Years. she is actually on Level 52 (I think)

Odd. It’s worked for everybody else.

this is the worst zwift mess up
restore the previous version
why give us this junk

To other people that do not have the issue with the pairing screen but instead that game never actually launches after logging in. Mine just stopped after clicking let’s go and seeing the Welcome to Zwift screen. After reinstall the only logs I had were off launcher…

What works is running it as admin. Unfortunately not once but every single time. Something is amiss in the update that this is necessary at all though!

I’m tapping out for my sanity…


Still have the issue on MacBook, program closes as soon as the pairing screen goes away. No problem on the iPad

For the folks who joined this thread recently: please use the workaround described upstream.

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Give it 10 mins and somebody else will ask. :laughing:


So you’re saying I have to speak a different language when I’m trying to log in? Is slecht Nederlands goed genoeg, of moet Ik iets anders leren? Zal mijn ‘Ride Ons’ ook in het Nederlands zijn?


No. You just need to remember which button is the language one after you change it! :laughing:

I changed it to French then back to English…which worked, but then all the messages were in French. Momentarily impressed that Zwift was translating messages. Turns out they were all French riders :wink:


I have not experienced the crash that others have described. My setup is:
Launcher 1.1.5
Kickr v5 using direct connect
Heart rate monitor using Bluetooth
Cadence sensor using Bluetooth

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At least I got Apple related help though advising to reset PRAM/NVRAM on a Silicon Mac misses a little

I’m not getting the pairing screen. Zwift is crashing when I click on ‘Let’s go’. Please fix this fast. No change if I run it as an administrator. No problems so far on the Apple TV, but normally I use that for other things while Zwifting.

Try downloading the latest version of the launcher his the website. It’s recently been updated.

Not saying this will resolve it but worth a try.

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This Pairing Screen crash has been resolved server-side. There is no need to wait for the next game release.

As noted upstream, the root cause introduced in the v1.33.5 game release didn’t play nice with some account profiles created before 2019 that never set a language preference.

  • We identified the affected accounts and set them to English.
  • If English is not your preferred language, please log into Zwift, and choose a language from the Pairing Screen.