Crash after Let's Go MacBook

I’ve a MacBook Pro 2012 13" with OS 10.15 Catalina and I used Zwift for 3 years without any problems. Now it’s a week that I’m not able to use it because when I click “let’s go” the app crashes every times. I think I’ve done an update to the OS some days before this frustrating problem appears. I try to reinstall the app but it doesn’t run, I try to search a solution in the forums but nothing seems to work also because there are no crash logs in the console. Furthermore when I start the Mac appears a message that says that Zwift can’t connect to the update servers (Error ZLM01). I think I’ve no problem with my wifi because I tried to install the app on an Android tablet and it works. I don’t know which way to turn, please help me!

Please follow this thread: Zwift App will not launch on Macbook [Oct 2021] [1.18.1] - #112 by Sean_Dalby_St_Helens