Covid19 everesting challenge

Lots of people stuck indoors at the minute… meaning lots of time to burn on zwift.

Would anyone be interested in organising a mass everesting event in say 8 weeks time?

We could probably go for some world record " most virtual everesting challenges in one day."

Hi, I would be interested, but “One single unbroken ride of more than 10,000m vertical” is just too much…

Then you’re in luck! It’s only 8848 for a vEverest. :smiley:

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One is already being organised, the World Lycra Party - 10th - 13th April.


Daren, I found the “One single unbroken ride of more than 10,000m vertical” here:
And 8848 unbroken… I was born less than 6 years after Hillary did it.

Yes, 10,000 for the High Rouleurs Society. 8,848, the height of Everest for an Everesting.

Continuous doesn’t mean you can’t stop. You can stop, take breaks, eat etc.

But it must be “a single activity”, so no sleeping.

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I’d have to agree with Eric, and yes, I have done a vEverest, too. This will place some undo stress on your body when you don’t need to do so. Too much physical stress can actually weaken your immune system.


That’s a great idea! What are the qualifications to be able to Everest?

Hi Peter

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The first post has a link with the rules.

Thanks I’m not sure i see the right post any chance you could send a link?

Found it thanks