vEveresting on Alpe du Zwift August 2019 - anyone want to join?

Over on TrainerRoad a group of riders are preparing the organisation of a mass vEveresting attempt, likely around the weekend of 11th August TBC.

They’re thinking it would be nice if Zwifters joined in too, especially seeing many TR users are also Zwifters. There will be people attempting a real Everesting around the same weekend. I’m not really active much lately (since my accident) and am not up for trying to organise Zwifters to do this, but if there is some interest would someone active here like to try get organised and then we can set a date/time/event and get everyone into the ■■■■’s 500 club :slight_smile:

A Zwift Everest day or weekend would be awesome. Having company on over 8 alp du Zwift ascents is a big help.


ZwiftPower has a list of those credited with Everesting

Unofficial Everests

Count me in for this :slight_smile:

This is still one of the crazy everesting efforts.

Virtual Everesing on the forward KOM


this is nuts

well that used to be the biggest climb in Zwift.

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That was the biggest climb on Zwift at the time?

It might be worth creating a public facebook event for the everesting attempt and sharing it among some of the zwift FB groups.

It would be great to get a group of 20+ attempting at once.

Yes this was Watopia January 2016