COVID-19 Support - Discount for 6 months?

Given the latest around COVID-19 are you providing any offers/discount to encourage people to stay indoors? It’s something that would appeal to me given I’m trialing Zwift. Even if it’s for 6 months it’s something you could given back to us given we’re locked down.

There are already several threads about that in the forum, e.g.

If you feel that you are in actual need of a free alternative, for whatever reason, RGT has a free plan and has made its premium plan available for free during the pandemic.

(There is also an official, wonderfully generic, sticky message about the situation at large on the forum home page. If there were any plans, I suppose you’d find them there.)

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Best to keep the discussion on this topic in one place, so I’ll close this in favour of the thread Mike linked to.


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