Black Friday deals in the Zwift shop

It would be interesting to know if Zwift will also be running Black Friday deals in the Zwift shop. I would be inclined to rathere support Zwift than some random online shop.

What do you guys think?

Morning Gerrie!

Just asked one of our eComm team members, and they said that at this time there are no plans for Black Friday/ Holiday sales.

If this is something that we hear a lot of people are interested however, subtly nods to /feature requests we might consider doing something like this next year.


You read feature requests???


Buy 6 months and get 6 months free would be a great offer to persuade me to continue my trial week. :slight_smile:


I see the Saris H3 in the Zwift shop has a Super deal.

Thanks Zwift.

Hallo, kannst Du mi rsagen ob es das Zwift Angebot noch irgendwo gibt? Bin leider nicht fündig geworden.